Experienced builder


The architects and developer have a track record in quality mountain developments and have used their experience to create a project of exceptional standing for The Dents du Midi Apartments Champéry – Portes du Soleil

Founded in 1997, the architectural firm Cittolin Polli has experienced a natural and steady growth. This impressive evolution has enabled the firm to anchor themselves deeply into French, Swiss and other international territories. By consistently developing successful creative projects and technical challenges, the agency has built an excellent reputation for itself. They have produced projects such as: the legendary City Hall in Crissier, they have built some of the most prestigious chalets in world renowned ski resorts in the Swiss Alps, or urban achievements such as, The Grand Pré Residence of Geneva; a building of eleven floors, totalling over a hundred apartments.

The essence of Cittolin Polli’s work is characterized by the firm’s attention to the building elements and the geography of the land around it, its interpretation of traditional and/or modern techniques, the use of timeless materials and the consideration of their environment and the endless pursuit of perfect proportions.